What types of events could benefit from renting plants?

Imagine a sparse row of seats. People are starting to sit down, but the walls enclosing the area are stark, naked, and boring. Similarly, the floor plan is very straightforward, with minimal arrangement other than what is basically necessary for the day’s events. What is this venue? It could be anything from a corporate retreat, to a school lecture, to even a bland wedding. One of the best and most cost effective ways to spruce up any kind of event is to rent plants! Expand your thinking and realize just how these various events could be enhanced with just some simple additions:

WEDDINGS – This almost goes without saying! Perhaps the venue you’ve chosen works perfectly for the size of your wedding, but the overall allure isn’t quite up to your standards. It’s very simple to add small decorative flowers, trees, and shrubs in choice locations throughout the floor plan. This quickly changes your average wedding into a foliage-filled wonderland! It can also break up the standard arrangements and meld the outdoors with the indoors.

CORPORATE EVENTS – Maybe your managers are meeting at a fiscal summit, or perhaps you’re celebrating a company anniversary. Whatever the event, a professional environment can be made more inviting, while still remaining tasteful, by adding in a few rented plants. This helps retain the controlled aspect of the event while opening it up to be more friendly and expansive. It shows that careful consideration is being put into this event, making it more appealing to your partners and clients.

FUNDRAISERS – Bring in bigger donations by generating a brighter, fuller atmosphere! If your guests are more comfortable due to the environmental factor, i.e. an impressive foliage layout, then they just may open up their wallets!

PARTIES – What makes a birthday party, anniversary party, or even a goodbye party classy? Adding in ambience, including rental plants!

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