What are Living Walls?

Live wallsWalls can be quite boring, and in some cases unsightly. However, adding some greenery and color to a wall can truly transform the overall look and feel of a place.

Foliage Design Systems Orlando is excited to tell you about “living walls.” These are “green walls” incorporating self-sufficient vertical gardens. Can you use a wall for a garden? Sure!

Perhaps you’ve seen living walls along highways, at airport parking ramp areas, on industrial buildings, and near restaurant patios. Living walls aren’t just “ivy walls” growing from the bottom-up. Instead, living walls get their water and nutrients from the top-down.

Over 30 years ago, Patrick Blanc, a French botanist, created the first vertical garden. Today’s version uses a support frame, waterproof panels, an automatic irrigation system, a lightweight porous material and plants to create living walls.

By incorporating a variety of plants and flowers, living walls give both exterior and interior walls a distinct and beautiful look. Living walls use a frame built in front of a pre-existing wall, attached to the wall at various points. Since they are “hydroponic,” which means soil-less, these vertical gardens don’t weigh much. They’re very eco-friendly and efficient. Some businesses are using them to insulate their buildings from extreme temperatures, thus reducing their energy costs.

Foliage Design Systems Orlando can customize living walls for your home, business or other place. Providing the highest quality live foliage, Foliage Design Systems Orlando is known for installing and maintaining live plants indoors (and outdoors) for offices and public places, among other services.

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