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Renting Plants to Enhance Your Event

The success of any event is based on various factors, one of which is the overall design. For example, does the interior design reflect the theme and occasion? Does the design make your guests feel comfortable and evoke emotion towards the event? While décor and a skilled event planner can help bring your imagination to… Read more »

What types of events could benefit from renting plants?

Imagine a sparse row of seats. People are starting to sit down, but the walls enclosing the area are stark, naked, and boring. Similarly, the floor plan is very straightforward, with minimal arrangement other than what is basically necessary for the day’s events. What is this venue? It could be anything from a corporate retreat,… Read more »

What are Living Walls?

Walls can be quite boring, and in some cases unsightly. However, adding some greenery and color to a wall can truly transform the overall look and feel of a place. Foliage Design Systems Orlando is excited to tell you about “living walls.” These are “green walls” incorporating self-sufficient vertical gardens. Can you use a wall… Read more »

Wall Of Life – Living plants transform entry from drab to exciting!

Living Wall or Green Wall

Foliage Design captured an entryway transformation from an uninviting entrance to one that is welcoming, versatile and simple. The entry in question was large – way too large (and expensive) for adding artwork or sculpture due to the scale of the space. What was the solution? A “wall of life”! Simple to install – it took… Read more »