Natural Room Dividers

Natural room dividers are a unique way to add biophilic elements to an office space. The traditional concept of an office space has been severely altered recently, and the collaborative work environment is gaining popularity. Therefore, building managers and companies are trying to find ways to create a safer work environment, while still boosting creativity and productivity. This is where natural room dividers can help with those design dilemmas.

Natural room dividers can be designed in many different styles. The dividers can be sections of living plants, preserved moss and wood, foam cork, lite stone or any combination of these. Unless live plants are incorporated, there is very little light, maintenance, or water required to keep these sections looking pristine. A great feature of these dividers is that they can be placed permanently or made to be portable. This is useful for collaborative workspaces, as they are constantly changing in functionality.

Promote health in your commercial space with a natural room divider from FDS Orlando.

Natural room dividers have many applications. Room dividers are commonly used to direct traffic, act as a noise buffer, and assist in social distancing. They can also be used to provide privacy, accent a wall, and to simply add a decorative background.