Moss Walls

This moss wall is located in a Tavistock office building, and can be found at

Moss walls are rapidly becoming the biggest trend in biophilic design and are a great alternative to living walls. These walls are very similar to living green walls, as they both provide environmental benefits such as noise reduction and eliminating pollutants from the air. Preserved moss is colonized by bacteria from organic compounds allowing it to effectively remove airborne dust. There are also various mental health benefits these walls provide by simulating the elements of nature.

However, there are many differences between moss walls and living walls. The moss used for these beautiful features is preserved with a natural paraffin or glycerin process. The typical living wall requires weekly plant maintenance to keep it in peak condition.  Moss walls, on the other hand, can maintain their lush look with zero maintenance, other than an occasional dusting.

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Moss walls can be designed in many ways. They can be artwork on an open wall, a backdrop to emphasize a company logo, or any shape or size imaginable. Various types of moss are used for different colors, designs, and textures to create the masterpieces our clients dream of. From logos to large picture groupings, moss walls never fail to fascinate.