Green & Living Wall Design and Installation in Orlando, FL

A “Wall of Life” Installation

Commercial Green Walls in Central Florida

When it comes to decorating blank wall space inside an office building or commercial property, not many people think outside the box. Usually, these indoor spaces are decorated with large, pastel paintings or framed motivational quotes, whereas exterior spaces are even more mundane and lifeless. Luckily, Foliage Design Systems Orlando has a solution with beautiful living walls and vertical gardens.

Have you ever considered transforming your space with live greenery? We specialize in adding interior and exterior green walls to commercial properties, which are highly effective in providing life and positive energy to just about any space. Countless companies throughout Central Florida have come to us to design commercial green walls over the years, and we have been able to install and maintain these vertical gardens for them by utilizing our more than 50 years of experience.

Bring a boring wall to life with a green wall installed and maintained by Foliage Design Systems Orlando.

Vertical Gardens for Offices in Orlando, FL

When installing green walls on the interior or exterior of a commercial space, Foliage Design Systems Orlando is able to utilize a variety of plant life to create the perfect vertical garden. During your consultation, we can sit down with you, show you examples of different living walls we have designed in the past, and discuss which wall options are most feasible for your intended location. When installing these green walls, it’s important to do it properly to promote plant growth and keep the plants as healthy as possible, which is why you should enlist the help of seasoned professionals. With Foliage Design Systems Orlando, you can be assured that your green walls will be installed the right way.

Outside of planning and installing living walls for our customers, Foliage Design Systems Orlando can also maintain them for you. It can obviously be a little bit tricky taking care of plants on such a grand scale. If not done correctly, the plants will lose their healthy appearance and become overgrown, thereby negatively affecting the design. However, when you call on us for help with plant maintenance, we will see to it that your interior or exterior green wall receives the attention it deserves and maintains its beautiful appearance.

To learn more about living walls and how they can benefit your business space, reach out to Foliage Design Systems Orlando at 407-245-7776 today.