Interior Plants for Atriums: Design, Installation & Maintenance in Orlando, FL

Commercial real estate is an extremely competitive market. Building owners and managers strive to attract new clients and exceed the expectations of their clients. To do this, it is important for properties to create a dynamic first impression and make tenants and visitors excited to walk through the doors. Commercial projects such as atriums and lobbies are where Foliage Design Systems differentiates itself from the rest. Whether you are looking for towering palm trees, lower ground cover plants, or anything in between, our design experts are ready to work with you to transform your vast open spaces into living attractions that will create a healthier environment and impress your visitors.

The functionality of atriums has changed greatly in recent years. Building managers are constantly trying to keep up with trends to make their properties the most desirable. This requires atriums to be renovated occasionally. Renovations provide an opportunity to rethink the space as a whole and bring an entirely different feel to the building.  With 50 years in the industry, Foliage Design Systems has the expertise to make sure your building’s appearance is fresh and modern. Work with our fabulous in house designers to bring new life, perception, and energy to your commercial property.

Turn heads when people enter your building’s atrium with help from Foliage Design Systems Orlando!

Foliage Design Systems will be there from the beginning to completion of new commercial projects. Our design team will work with you to build budgets, create and develop the ideal aesthetic, and explain all the added benefits of bringing nature indoors.

Check out our award-winning projects to see the various ways we can create your dream environment and one your visitors are sure to love.