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Green Wall installed by our Miami Office….love the colorful plants.    Let us create one for you!

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On Earth Day, Atlanta’s WXIA, 11Alive news station featured the new Three Ravinia green wall….stunning!  Click to see video.

FDS  Atlanta maintains the plants, keeping the living art at its best!

– 15,471 plants, in  4” pots

–  47’3″ tall x 53′ wide which includes both side returns

–  Plant List:  Marble Queen pothos,cordatum, Neon pothos, Philo brazil and Schefflera Luseane


Shuttlesworth Birmingham International Airport  For more information, please click here to visit our Birmingham website.

Green Wall in Office BuildingLiving Green Wall in Office Buildingcompleted wall3photo 3 (4)


Trio of Living Walls, Orlando, FL

Living Wall Planters






Green wall built into a column for a Wilmington, NC  mall renovation.    For more information, please click here to visit our Wilmington, NC website.


Green Wall on Mall Column


Living Wall or Green Wall

Green Wall, Living Wall

Delaware Valley Living Wall.  The Living Wall installed was the EcoWalls system.

It is a circulating system to max the LEED Points, and building is LEED certified.  Rain water is captured on the roof and fed into 3 “rain hogs” below the wall.  The water is pumped through a filter and nutrient canister and back up through the wall into a drip irrigation system.  Water drains into a drip tray and back into the hogs.

System is set to run 2 times per day for 4 minutes each.  On-site maintenance is responsible to check the water level in the hogs once per week and add water if needed.  Wall is serviced  2 times per month to check the systems, trim and remove dead leaves, and replace plants as necessary.   Plants are perennials.






To see a “Wall of Life” installation, click here


Green wall by Miami Foliage Design Systems:


No plants on Plain Wall

In the beginning – a Plain Wall!

Green Wall with Living plants

Finished green wall



Another example from our Miami Office:


Beginnings of a Green Wall

This is how a green wall starts – with a plain unadorned wall!




Green Wall with contrasting foliage and textures

A finished, beautifully done Green Wall




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