Green Wall Design & Installation

Orlando Green Wall

Before and after photos of the Green Walls at the Guidewell Innovation CoRE, Orlando, FL

The Green Wall at the Orlando Science Center, Orlando, FL

Atlanta Green Walls

Three Ravinia, stunning green walls

A series of sixteen (16) Green Walls at a Fortune 500 Company in Atlanta during installation and after completion.

Tampa, FL Green Wall

Before and After shots of green wall installations at the University of Tampa.

Birmingham Green Wall

Shuttlesworth Birmingham International Airport.

Huntsville, AL Green Wall

This entrance has twin green walls welcoming visitors. What a striking effect!

living wall installed in building

Delaware Valley Living Wall

Delaware Valley Living Wall.

The EcoWalls system is a circulating system to max the LEED Points, and building is LEED certified. Rain water is captured on the roof and fed into 3 “rain hogs” below the wall. The water is pumped through a filter and nutrient canister and back up through the wall into a drip irrigation system. Water drains into a drip tray and back into the hogs.