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Foliage Design Annual Meeting

Foliage Design Systems had its annual meeting at the Caribe Royale this year. Some of the attendees went to visit the Coke Versa Living Wall at Disney Springs after our meetings. The green wall was installed by GSKY, and is maintained by Foliage Design of Orlando. The Versa wall is made up of 1,949 4″… Read more »

How Indoor Plants Reduce Noise

Whether it is an office building or a shopping center, many organizations are looking to increase the serenity and sense of tranquility of their locations. As such, building owners are looking to offer their employees or customers refuge from the noise and stress-inducing surrounds that occupy other buildings. One way building owners can accomplish that… Read more »

Wall Of Life – Living plants transform entry from drab to exciting!

Living Wall or Green Wall

Foliage Design captured an entryway transformation from an uninviting entrance to one that is welcoming, versatile and simple. The entry in question was large – way too large (and expensive) for adding artwork or sculpture due to the scale of the space. What was the solution? A “wall of life”! Simple to install – it took… Read more »

Major Benefits of Indoor Plants

indoor office plant and plantscapes

Imagine your office, customer desk, or even your home. Plants are ubiquitous, predictable things we see and hear about for our entire lives; it’s not surprising that so many people ignore the wonder of botany. Plants seem like a regular, banal part of life, which they may be to some. The problem is when something… Read more »