Caring For Indoor Plants

Indoor plants bring vibrancy, tranquility and radiate a serene atmosphere, but like most things, they do require some care. When you properly maintain your indoor plants, they can bring you many benefits, including reduced energy costs and noise levels. Plants aren’t too needy, and really only require a little TLC. Here are a couple key things to keep in mind when caring for your foliage indoors:

The most important and simple thing to remember is that your plants require consistent water; just be mindful not to overwater or you can drown your plants! Research your plants and know what they like. Some species prefer consistently damp roots, whereas some prefer to be watered once a week. Of course, an indoor plant specialist will also be available to assist you with any questions that you have.

Preventing pest problems not only keeps your plant happy, but also eliminates a big headache for you. Houseplants that acquire a pest problem are a big deal as it can spread to other plants and throughout your home. It’s recommended that you wash the leaves of your plant a couple times a month. This eliminates dust build-up and can improve the overall health of your plant. Washing your plants frequently can also build awareness to anything suspicious such as pests and disease.

If regular maintenance is not something you can perform, our professionals are available to care for the plants that you purchase or lease from Foliage Design. For more information on the services that we provide, visit our website or contact us today!

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