Can Indoor Plants Make the People Around Them More Creative?

Indoor Office PlantsDeep down, human beings have always known that plants improve our environment. Besides providing us with oxygen and the ability to breathe, plants have most definitely been objects of attraction and wonder for as long as we’ve been around. It’s why we’ve come to appreciate them so much, even inviting them into our living spaces in the form of houseplants.

Now, the scientific research is in the process of catching up, while at the same time defining specific details about exactly how we benefit from being around living plants. Would you believe it if we told you that being surrounded by plants has actually been shown to contribute to a 45% increase in creativity? A study outlined in a Daily Mail article from late last year claims exactly that.

The University of Exeter, along with Indoor Garden Design administered the study. Scientists provided 350 people with four distinct work environments throughout 90 experiments, asking them to measure qualities like creativity, happiness, and productivity. While test subjects indicated a rise in all three of these qualities, the fact that they noticed the creative juices flowing more in the presence of plants is significant.

The study also indicated that simply throwing a few random plants carelessly into the office might not do the trick. The design and implementation of indoor plants seems to play a large role as well. At Foliage Design Systems, this idea goes along with our belief that nothing is more effective than a comprehensive plan for the office.

As evidence continues to mount in support of the wonderful, productive benefits of indoor plants, managers and executives are paying more and more attention. If a more productive, happier, and most of all, more creative workforce sounds like a good idea to you, contact Foliage Design Systems right here in Orlando Florida today.

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