How Indoor Plants Reduce Noise

Whether it is an office building or a shopping center, many organizations are looking to increase the serenity and sense of tranquility of their locations. As such, building owners are looking to offer their employees or customers refuge from the noise and stress-inducing surrounds that occupy other buildings. One way building owners can accomplish that… Read more »

Caring For Indoor Plants

Indoor plants bring vibrancy, tranquility and radiate a serene atmosphere, but like most things, they do require some care. When you properly maintain your indoor plants, they can bring you many benefits, including reduced energy costs and noise levels. Plants aren’t too needy, and really only require a little TLC. Here are a couple key… Read more »

What types of events could benefit from renting plants?

Imagine a sparse row of seats. People are starting to sit down, but the walls enclosing the area are stark, naked, and boring. Similarly, the floor plan is very straightforward, with minimal arrangement other than what is basically necessary for the day’s events. What is this venue? It could be anything from a corporate retreat,… Read more »

How to Avoid Having an Artificial Plant Fade in the Sun

If you go to yard sales or estate sales, you often see artificial plants for sale. Quite often they’re faded from their former glory. Artificial plants which were once bright green can lose their luster over time, leading people to try and sell them, give them away, or throw them out. For those of you… Read more »

Exterior Plants Outside of a Business Makes a Great Impression

Some places look nicer and more inviting than others. If you’ve lived in Orlando for any amount of time, you know that exterior plants outside a business help make a great first impression. There’s just something about green plants and their colorful flowers that put people in a good mood, you know? Think about industrial… Read more »

Can Indoor Plants Make the People Around Them More Creative?

Deep down, human beings have always known that plants improve our environment. Besides providing us with oxygen and the ability to breathe, plants have most definitely been objects of attraction and wonder for as long as we’ve been around. It’s why we’ve come to appreciate them so much, even inviting them into our living spaces… Read more »

What are Living Walls?

Walls can be quite boring, and in some cases unsightly. However, adding some greenery and color to a wall can truly transform the overall look and feel of a place. Foliage Design Systems of Orlando is excited to tell you about “living walls.” These are “green walls” incorporating self-sufficient vertical gardens. Can you use a… Read more »

Wall Of Life – Living plants transform entry from drab to exciting!

Foliage Design  captured an entryway  transformation  from  an uninviting entrance  to one that is welcoming, versatile and simple.  The entry in question was large – way too large (and expensive) for adding artwork or sculpture due to the scale of the space.  What was the solution?  A “wall of life”! Simple to install – it took only… Read more »

Major Benefits of Indoor Plants

Imagine your office, customer desk, or even your home. Plants are ubiquitous, predictable things we see and hear about for our entire lives; it’s not surprising that so many people ignore the wonder of botany. Plants seem like a regular, banal part of life, which they may be to some. The problem is when something… Read more »