Keep These Low-Maintenance Plants on Your Desk at Work

Looking for creative ways to liven up your desk at work? A little foliage can go a long way! There are plenty of low-maintenance plant species that you can keep on your desk without adding a lot of extra work to your day-to-day schedule. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites. Chinese… Read more »

Botanists Find Live Samples of Prehistoric Plant Species

It’s been more than 65 million years since dinosaurs last roamed the earth. Since then, there have been plenty of different plant species that have come and gone. But believe it or not, there are a few prehistoric plant species from the dinosaur era that are still around—and scientists just discovered one in the United… Read more »

Green Plants for Green Building Fundraiser

Looks like the Green Plants for Green Buildings 70s Theme Party was a lot of fun!  Not only did they have a great time, but they also raised over $20,000  for an educational video on the many advantages of using plants indoors.  Pictured are board members Janice Goodman, Mike Senneff, Mike Lewis,  and Sean Campbell…. Read more »

Foliage Design Annual Meeting

Foliage Design Systems had its annual meeting at the Caribe Royale this year. Some of the attendees went to visit the Coke Versa Living Wall at Disney Springs after our meetings. The green wall was installed by GSKY, and is maintained by Foliage Design of Orlando. The Versa wall is made up of 1,949 4″… Read more »

Renting Plants to Enhance Your Event

The success of any event is based on various factors, one of which is the overall design. For example, does the interior design reflect the theme and occasion? Does the design make your guests feel comfortable and evoke emotion towards the event? While décor and a skilled event planner can help bring your imagination to… Read more »

Are Artificial and Silk Plants the Same?

Unsurprisingly, the silk plant name derives from a special process that entails people taking faux plants and sewing them with silk fabrics. Today, the name “silk plants” and “artificial plants” are one in the same; however, the majority of these faux plants are created using synthetic materials. Artificial or silk plants and flowers are created… Read more »

Are You Overwatering Your Plant?

Indoor plants can bring life, peace and tranquility into your home or office, but not if you overwater them! Sure, many of us understand that not enough water can kill your beautiful desk or table plant, but often, we fail to realize that overwatering can do just as much harm. How do you know if… Read more »

How Indoor Plants Reduce Noise

Whether it is an office building or a shopping center, many organizations are looking to increase the serenity and sense of tranquility of their locations. As such, building owners are looking to offer their employees or customers refuge from the noise and stress-inducing surrounds that occupy other buildings. One way building owners can accomplish that… Read more »

Caring For Indoor Plants

Indoor plants bring vibrancy, tranquility and radiate a serene atmosphere, but like most things, they do require some care. When you properly maintain your indoor plants, they can bring you many benefits, including reduced energy costs and noise levels. Plants aren’t too needy, and really only require a little TLC. Here are a couple key… Read more »