Major Benefits of Indoor Plants

indoor office plant and plantscapes

Imagine your office, customer desk, or even your home. Plants are ubiquitous, predictable things we see and hear about for our entire lives; it’s not surprising that so many people ignore the wonder of botany. Plants seem like a regular, banal part of life, which they may be to some. The problem is when something is so available; it loses its novelty until we eventually stop noticing and appreciating it. This is very true with something as special as plant life.


Like most people, you likely understand they’re beneficial for cleaning the air and enhancing the aesthetics of any room. However, did you know they help in a myriad of other ways? For example, even a small plant can reduce background noise. A little hedge around a cubicle can diminish noise by about five decibels!


In addition to these benefits, plants also increase productivity as well as mood. That’s right; plants make people feel better. Mental health professionals will sometimes tell patients with depression to keep one living thing in every room of his or her home. Whether you have a plant, fish, or other pet, keep something living everywhere you go.


Studies all across the country have shown that employees who worked in the presence of plants were 12% more productive than those that had no interior plants nearby.


Visual exposure to plants helped lower employees’ blood pressure, and reduced stress within just a few minutes. In some surveys, plants have even shown to minimize the number of sick outs by up to 14%. Indoor plantscapes are a valuable, worthy business cost, as they keep employees present, happy, and productive.




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