Benefits of Indoor Plants


Want a pleasing environment for your home, office or building interior? Plants can provide that extra touch that makes all the difference! Live foliage creates beautiful, enjoyable environments at home or at work.

Indoor Plantscape

A tropical plantscape in a hotel lobby can set your guest’s mood for their stay the minute they step onto your property. Have a themed restaurant? What better way to complement your décor than live, colorful plants? Looking for a more formal image? There are a wonderful array of plant shapes and sizes to meet any need.

Plants add style and grace to traditional settings and warmth to modern locales. Whatever your architectural style or room décor, interior plantscapes add the final touch to impress your clients and guests. We will do all the indoor gardening if you need us to.Interior Plantscape Structure

Employee Productivity and Morale

Studies reveal that plants in the workplace reduce mental fatigue, heighten attentiveness, decrease hypertension, and improve productivity. Additional studies have revealed that the presence of live plants, and windows with views of live plants, can have positive effects on employees and contribute to a feeling of well-being. Furthermore, research indicates plants have a calming effect on individuals. All of these positive influences contribute to decreases in employee absences, boosts morale, performance and heightened creativity.

Enhance Building Marketability

No doubt about it – plants add curb appeal, whether the structure is a residence or a high-rise office building. First impressions of both the building exterior and lobby are powerful influences in real estate decisions. Vibrant, live plants can create a positive, lasting first impression.
The aesthetics inside a building can also positively (or negatively) affect the marketability of office space and tenant retention. Plants can soften hard lines in architecture, attractively separate areas, and direct traffic flow. It is easy to see why plants can increase property values and are a good return on your investment!Exterior Plantscape Service by Poolside








Improve Indoor Environment

Plants can also reduce noise pollution, both inside and outside, by absorbing sound waves. A canopy of graceful, spreading branches; or more dense foliage walls can help create privacy. At the same time plants clean the air of indoor air pollutants, thereby combating “Sick Building Syndrome”.

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