Are You Overwatering Your Plant?

Indoor plants can bring life, peace and tranquility into your home or office, but not if you overwater them! Sure, many of us understand that not enough water can kill your beautiful desk or table plant, but often, we fail to realize that overwatering can do just as much harm.

How do you know if you have overwatered your plant? Let’s look at some key signs to look for.

If you notice that your plant has suddenly stopped growing and blooming, then there is a good chance that you have overwatered your plant. Additionally, if the lower leaves are yellowing, and the plant looks wilted despite consistent watering efforts, then it could be a sign of overwatering.

Will Your Plant Still Grow if You’ve Overwatered?

Overwatering happens often, especially when you have been too attentive of a plant parent. However, do not get too discouraged! Your plant can still grow as long as you correct your watering regimen. Allowing a lapse of time for your plant to recuperate before watering it again is a great place to start. Feel the top of the soil before you begin to water it again. If the top of the soil is still damp, then your plant is still absorbing the water and it does not need any more. Only water your indoor plant when the top of its soil is bone dry.

Just like plants can be affected by too little or no water, they too can be affected by having too much water. This is because plants need to breathe, just as humans do. We can swim under water for a short period of time, but after a while we need to resurface so we can breathe again. Plants are the same way. They breathe through their roots and when they are too submerged in water, they cannot breathe in the gases it needs to live and grow.

Do you have any experiences with saving a plant after its near death experience? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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