Month: August 2020

Mass Cane

A Mass cane (Dracaena frangrans “Massangeana” or Dracaena fragrans) needs to habituate to the environment and the riskiest time is in the first few months. It your Mass cane is in good shape after 6 to 8 months; it can go years. Starting with transporting the often-top heavy canes, you’ll need to either have it delivered… Read more »

Can Plants Really Help Control the Flu and COVID-19?

According to the following news report on the flu by NBC affiliate KETK, aired in 2019, yes, they can! Another recent study conducted by Dan Hess Research, shows that COVID-19 has a shortened life in relative humidity (r.H.) of 40 percent and above. Who else but your plant company hauls in gallons upon gallons of… Read more »