Month: September 2014

How Indoor Plants Reduce Noise

Whether it is an office building or a shopping center, many organizations are looking to increase the serenity and sense of tranquility of their locations. As such, building owners are looking to offer their employees or customers refuge from the noise and stress-inducing surrounds that occupy other buildings. One way building owners can accomplish that… Read more »

Caring For Indoor Plants

Indoor plants bring vibrancy, tranquility and radiate a serene atmosphere, but like most things, they do require some care. When you properly maintain your indoor plants, they can bring you many benefits, including reduced energy costs and noise levels. Plants aren’t too needy, and really only require a little TLC. Here are a couple key… Read more »

What types of events could benefit from renting plants?

Imagine a sparse row of seats. People are starting to sit down, but the walls enclosing the area are stark, naked, and boring. Similarly, the floor plan is very straightforward, with minimal arrangement other than what is basically necessary for the day’s events. What is this venue? It could be anything from a corporate retreat,… Read more »